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In Interior Design specializes in incorporating innovative products and concepts that are simply stunning and often outshine the industry standards. We come up with unique ideas for interior spaces of our clients and use various disciplines and elements of interior design by focusing on practical application and implications of our concepts.
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Our Services

We cater to both residential as well as commercial clients while also undertaking turnkey projects since 2011 A.D. Our expertise includes wide array of dedicated services for interior of Residence, Commercial, Corporate, Hospitality (Such as: Hospitals, hotel and restaurants) & Institutional spaces.

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Mr. Premchand Kumar Shaw

Mr. Premchand Kumar Shaw

Mr. Govind Kumar Shaw
Principal Interior Designer

Mr. Govind Kumar Shaw

Plot No-1324/1935 Room No:-6, Abid Complex Canal Road, Jharpada BBSR, 751006, Odisha.